Aerial Drone

Wazp is an octocopter capable of carrying spraying nozzles and other precision Agri-tech payloads. Independent operation allows Wazp to fly continuously for 40 minutes. Time available for flight operations is extended by tethering Wazp to Atlas (up to 6 hours). Autonomy is secured by utilising advanced and reliable motors, as well as an inhouse developed platform management computer and flight control computer. The foldable design also makes for a compact piece of advanced machinery.



geo-fencing, dynamic sensing, livestock data management, spraying.


We can make different sizes, it depends on the farmer’s decision on what the drone will be used for.


Depends if the drone is loading payload or not.

Battery life:

45 min


Wazp 45kg

We also have a larger model which can carry up to 100kg 

We have an even larger drone which can carry up to 200kg



geo-fencing, dynamic sensing, livestock data management, spraying.

Battery life

40 minutes or up to 6 hours if tethering Wazp to Atlas.


45 kg Wazp. We have drones that can carry up to 200 kg


Depends if the Drone is loading payload or weather conditions

What Bundles/ packages do we offer?

Bundles/ packages will be tailored to client requirements so, it is difficult to quote what each bundle would include for different needs, however, some examples of the bundles we will provide are:

  • Seed planting solution bundle
  • Weed control solution
  • Pest control solution
  • Disease control bundle
  • Plant growth control bundle
  • Crop harvest solution bundle
  • Crop transport solution bundle



Aerial Drone