Autonomous Tractor

Atlas is an autonomous tractor that is designed and built in the UK at our Dorset facilities. Ground compaction is a thing of the past by employing Atlas as a mobile hub whilst supplemented by either Thuggy or Wazp.

Independent operation of Atlas allows for crop health detection and soil composition by employing state-of-the-art visual analytics and camera equipment.

A photo of Atlas working a field






Geo-fencing, dynamic sensing, livestock data management and crop rotation systems.

AgriTech system / autonomous tractor platform

This also depends on which options (small, medium or large) but the one on the photo is our tractor Atlas - medium size: Width: 1.9m Length: 3.4m

This will depend on the AgriTech solution, the attachments being used, and the model of the autonomous tractor platform itself.

What Bundles/ packages do we offer?

Bundles/ packages will be tailored to client requirements so, it is difficult to quote what each bundle would include for different needs, however, some examples of the bundles we will provide are:

  • Seed planting
  • Weed control
  • Pest control
  • Disease control
  • Plant growth control
  • Crop harvesting
  • Crop transport
A photo of Atlas, Wazp and Thuggy all working together
A photo of Atlas following tramlines in a field


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