Sustainable farming for a better world.

Willis AgriTech is a Dorset, UK, based sustainability company. The products are developed under the mantra of ‘Do More’.

This could be through better data, more resources, or better technology, but all focused on the idea of sustainability.

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Our Technologies

Willis technologies include mobile AgriTech platforms in the air and on the ground. A series of different software packages to do data collection and an emerging set of devices specifically to form micro-ecosystems which sustainably support both urban and country setups in line with national and international targets. Developed with the mindset that everything is linked, Willis seeks to bring together ways in which humanity can be more productive with the earth without the negative impact it currently has.

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Our Partners

Willis AgriTech is a spin off-brand from Intrepid Minds due to the vast amount of interest in an autonomous tractor project we did in partnership with Wessex Internet – 5G Rural Dorset.

Our link with 5G Rural Dorset and Wessex Internet means that data processing and control are near-instant in the most demanding rural environments.

The platform has power, data and a standard, simple, rugged connection on the front, back and top ready for a new breed of tech, to push the boundaries of food production and estate management.

Willis AgriTech

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