A picture of Atlas the autonomous tractor

A Sustainability Company

Willis AgriTech is a Dorset, UK, based sustainability company. The products are developed under the mantra of ‘Do More’. This could be through better data, more resources, or better technology, but all focused on the idea of sustainability.

Results Driven




We have experience in delivering results, our team can find incredible innovative solutions.

We are driven to do things right. We meet our commitments.

We refuse to settle for obvious solutions.

Our plans with different options help us to manage risks and move forward.

Experience the farm from a new perspective

A picture of rolling hills at dawn A picture of Wazp taking off from Atlas
A photo during construction of a metal panel with the Willis logo

Made in Great Britain

Design and Manufacturing, all under one roof in the UK.

A medium close-up photo of Atlas

New AgriTech Platform

Agriculture Solutions For The Modern Farm

Coming soon

A photo of Altas at a trade show A photo of Thuggy at a trade show A photo of the Wazp drone docked atop the Atlas autonomous tractor A photo of the Willis stand at a trade show
A photo of Atlas, Wazp and Thuggy all working together



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